Announcement on Converter Launching 5 Liquidity Pools including ETH/USDT

Dear supporters,

In order to provide our supporters with more investment strategies and higher returns, Converter.Finance will launch 5 liquidity pools including ETH/USDT around 17:30, June 10, 2021, Hong Kong time. Details are as follows:

  1. MDEX: ETH/USDT (weight 20), HFIL/USDT (15), HDOT/USD (15);
  2. BXH: HBTC/USDT (20), ETH/USDT (20).

Thanks to all for your trust in Converter.Finance. We will continue to select high-quality strategy pools to help you obtain higher returns.

Converter.Finance team




The first leveraged yield aggregator on HECO

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The first leveraged yield aggregator on HECO

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