Announcement on the strategic cooperation between Converter.Finance and Dogeswap and TokenPocket

Dear community users,

Converter.Finance has reached a strategic cooperation with the decentralized exchange DogeSwap and the decentralized wallet TokenPocket. The three parties will share resources and use their own ecological advantages to jointly contribute to the promotion of the development of cryptocurrency and DeFi ecology. In the future, Converter will support TPT’s incentive pool on DogeSwap for the first time and fully support the DogeSwap strategy; the three parties will also in-depth cooperation in brand promotion, market expansion, community building, etc., continue to optimize user experience, help Heco ecological development, and win-win The new trend of DeFi.

The Converter team will continue to work hard to provide you with a better strategy and experience!

Converter.Finance team




The first leveraged yield aggregator on HECO

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The first leveraged yield aggregator on HECO

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