Converter.Finance’s letter to the community — Leverage Function will be Online!

Dear friends,

Unconsciously, Converter.Finance has been born for almost four months. After several months of non-stop development and testing, we are happy to announce that the leverage function will be online on July 10th finally! Converter will support 2X or 4X leverage of multiple tokens to increase both the utilisation rate of funds and mining income under low risk conditions.

Apart from the joy, we would like to apologise to those who are still with Converter, and also want to express our gratitude: we sincerely apologise that our progress has let you down; and we are very grateful for your continued support and tolerance.

What’s past is prologue. This journey has just started. We hope you can continue to accompany us in this journey, to embrace this era with us in the wave of DeFi, and to witness the infinite possibilities of the future.

Thank you.

Converter.Finance team




The first leveraged yield aggregator on HECO

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The first leveraged yield aggregator on HECO

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